«Merbau-Garten Module II» Exhibition view, Kinderhook & Caracas, Berlin, GE, Courtesy Kinderhook & Caracas, Photo credit : Joe Clarck

«Best View In Town» exhibition view, Mirak Jamal / Mohsen Jamal - Sultana, June. 2020 © aurélien mole

Best View in Town presented by 1857, exhibition view, Kunsthall, Oslo, Norway, 2019. © Istvan Virag

A Good Neighbour, Pinakothek der Moderne, München, Germany, 2018

Installation view, 15th Istanbul Biennal, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Sept-Nov 2017

"Stillness of a Departure", installation view, Polansky Gallery, 2017

« - cornered- », installation view, 427 gallery, Riga , 2017

Exhibition view, Mirak Djamal IRONIMUS '91, Rolando Anselmi, Berlin, 2016

Exhibition view, "Mother! Minsk! Where are you!", 2016, Galerie Sultana

Exhibition view, "my dear friends in berlin", 2016, Ashley Berlin, Berlin

Exhibition view "BRUSSELS, OCT. 29 TH. 2015", monCHERI, Brussels, Belgium, 2015.

Installation view, 1857 at Paris Internationale, 2015

"My Father", pen on paper, Minsk USSR, 1985, [2015] 120 x 300 cm, Spray paint, print transfer, Screws, carvings on drywall, wood, exhibition view "Conflicting Evidence", 1857, Oslo.

"Alex – proposition to a Detroit highway", 2015, Vinyl, automotive paint, polyester fiberglass, steel, concrete, dimensions variable, 1857, Oslo.


Best View in Town
12 Jun 2020 — 12 Jun 2020


Mirak Jamal was born in 1979 in Tehran (Iran) and has formerly lived in the USSR, Germany, U.S.A., and Canada. He’s currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.
There is definitely something related to story (and stories) in Mirak Jamal’s art. Personal history is incorporated in a temporality made up of multitudes of stories which men have successively drawn in the matter in order not to forget.
It’s in building materials that Mirak Jamal has found his favorite matter. He writes stories, pictures, reminiscences of a past of wandering after his family fled Iran at the dawn of the revolution.
Recent solo exhibitions include: Best View In Town, Galerie Sultana - Paris and at Kunsthall Oslo (2020), Full Circle at Galerie Sultana - Paris (2020) ; -cornered-, 427 gallery (Riga, Latvia, 2017) ; IRONIMUS ’91, Galerie Rolando Anselmi (Berlin, 2016); In Praise of Limestone, L’Ascensore (Palermo, Italy, 2016); Mother! Minsk! Where are you?, Galerie Sultana (Paris, 2016), my dear friends in berlin, Ashley Berlin, (Berlin, 2016).
Recent group exhibitions include MERZBAU GARTEN at Kinderhook & Caracas - Berlin (2020) ; Les Enfants de Saturne at MAC Haut Vienne - Rochechouart (2020) ; A Good Neighbour cur. Elmgreen & Dragset at 15th Istanbul Biennial (Istanbul, 2017); The Stillness of a Departure with Anna Ročňová & Sung Tieu, cur. Christina Gigliotti, Polansky gallery (Prague, 2017); moving is in every direction, cur. Anna-Catharina Gebbers & Gabriele Knapstein, with Christopher Kulendran, Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin, 2017); Nada Miami, Galerie Sultana (Miami, 2016); Dream Song 386, Cooper Cole Gallery (Toronto, 2016).

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Group Show. Kinderhook & Caracas. Berlin, Germany.
9 Sep 2020 — 9 Sep 2020


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