Born in 1993
Lives & works in Brussels

After growing up between the countryside and Paris, she got her BA from the National Fine Art School of Paris, then studied at Hunter College School of Fine Art in New York and finally graduated from her MFA at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. She now lives and works between Brussels and Paris. Sophie Varin’s paintings and sculptures focus on our relation to reality, and how it often means a negotiation between what you would like to see, and what you would like to hide. Depicting seemingly banal situations, her works create ambiguous scenarios where apparent familiarity shows a twisted face.

Very interested in abilities to adapt and mimicry techniques, she likes to think of her subject’s capacity to understand -or fail to- its context. Her works give a great importance to the gaze of the observer, the witness, the public. Especially how curiosity, desire or fantasy have the ability to modulate what is seen. This distorted gaze, too thirsty to remain rational, is projecting so many blurred scenarios onto the real. Aside from her painter and sculptor’s practice, she writes detective stories starring a fictional persona; J.P Gutti. Among others, she has had recent solo exhibitions at Sultana (Paris) at Fortnight Institute (New York City), 12.26 West (Los Angeles), Brooke Benington (London) and with feeelings in Brussels

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3 February - 9 March 2024

"Des Corps Libres : Une jeune scène française", Reiffers Art Initiatives, Studio des Acacias, 2022, Paris

LISTE Art Fair, Galerie Sultana, 2022, Basel, CH

"Ni bien ni mal", Galerie Sultana, Paris, Sept-Oct 2021

"Halfway There", 12.26 West, Los Angeles, 2021

2020 - The Mumble The Attractor

"Adventurer", Fortnight Institute, New York, 2020

"I am so multiple in nights", SB 34 the Pool, Brussels, 2019


Soft Touch
11 Mar 2023 — 11 Mar 2023


LISTE ART FAIR 2022. Basel, Switzerland
13 Jun 2022 — 13 Jun 2022

Felix Art Fair 2023. Los Angeles, USA
15 Feb 2023 — 15 Feb 2023

Paris+ by Art Basel. Paris, France
18 Oct 2023 — 18 Oct 2023


Solo exhibitions : 'Ni bien ni mal', Galerie Sultana (Paris, FR 2021); 'Halfway There', 12.26 West (Los Angeles, US 2021); 'Adventurer', Fortnight Institute (New York, US 2020); 'The Mumble The Attractor' cur. feeelings, CunstLink (Brussels, BE 2020); 'Of Recklessness and Water', Brooker Benington (London, UK 2020).

Group exhibitions : 'Vallée des merveilles', (Espace à vendre, 2022), Nice, France; 'Nothing to conquer', (Louise Alexander, 2022)Porto Cervo, Italie 'Nuit Noir', Chapelle XIV (Paris, FR 2021); 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm', Louise Alexander Gallery (Porto Cervo, IT 2021); 'Complices Disonantes', Casa Lu (Mexico City, MX 2021); 'Expo 54', Galerie 54 (Mexico City, MX 2021); 'The Way of the Drunkard', SISSI Club (Marseille, FR 2021); 'Melancholympics' cur. Sasha Bogojev, The Wunderwall (Antwerp, BE 2020); 'Ulterieur' cur. Petrus Paklons, Avee Gallery (Courtrai, BE 2020); 'Horla' cur. Marine Penhouet, Sterput (Brussels, BE 2019); 'I am so multiple in nights' cur. Padraic E Moore, SB34 the Pool (Brussels, BE 2019); 'Finir par mordre' cur. Emile Rubino, Karl Marx Studio (Paris, FR 2019); "Drum Buzzer", 7 (Amsterdam, NL 2019); 'Amor Infinito', Salon (Madrid, SP 2018); 'Tripping autonomy', Piet Zwart Institute Graduation Show, De Kroon (Rotterdam, NL 2018).

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Group Show. Reifers Art Initiatives. Paris, France.
5 May 2022 — 5 May 2022

Group Show. Espace à Vendre. Nice, France.
1 May 2022 — 1 May 2022

Group Show. Espace Triphasé. Anderlecht, Belgium.
21 Apr 2022 — 21 Apr 2022


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