↑ © Gregory Copitet

Happy Accidents 
Curated by Paul Hameline

Situationist / diversion / distortion techniques
Upending / transformation / reappropriation of the original work
+ It’s meaning and content
To obtain new aesthetics + cultural value. 

Diversion + distortion as an attack on past institutions
// The world is changing // the world is yours
Questioning the concept of artistic propriety
 Cf* ready-made in regards to authorship 
—> Blood, sweat, tears // and cum. 

His own reality is terribly independent to any history / fable / divinity / surreality —> one solely requires the open-mindedness necessary to interpret it in order to see further, infinitely and dangerously further than the immediate reality. Who is irreparably tinted. Leading to the notion that no such thing as a universal reality exists.
 Our mission is to recollect nature and re-transpire it.
 —> Make her sweat, make her spurt. 

Divergence / distance / disfigurement
Interrogate language : every word / image you use
Reflects and defines you + your identity
—> Every action counts / nothing is harmless
Everything in life is specific and personal / no generalization or stigmatization should be made. 

The astral body is not without weight or consistency it can be felt.
It is a projection of you.
Time is a resource / yet one that runs out //
Biologically speaking the only direction one can not go is —> back
The image comes within oneself / within yourself. 

Do you ever feel like you’ve been harmed by media?
—> The internal experience... Its’ corrosion tends to linger. 

The primal part of the creative process begins in bed
// Yours or someone else’s.
—> The word ‘work’ should not be employed :
Use ‘play’ instead. 

Writing as painting / painting as writing
Diverse + contemporary technologies of writing (in the broad sense of the term).
A simulated alienation of something we’ve known / encountered / experimented in the past + present + future. 

Edvard munch’s lost eye becoming a rising sun (a setting one ?)
—> A whole series of happy accidents (given that one believes in them in the first place. 

↑ © Gregory Copitet
↑ © Gregory Copitet
↑ Marilou Bal, Girl fixing her hair, 2023, Oil painting on canvas, 70 x 50 cm.
↑ Marilou Bal, Ouija, 2023, oil painting on canvas, 130 x 140 x 4,5cm.
↑ Marilou Bal, Good girl, 2023, oil painting on canvas, 55 x 46 x 2cm.

The importance to not forget the past.
Purify one’s heart by means of love, experience and sensibility.
—> One can only hope today’s world is looking for universal honesty / transparency rather than blood, power and importance.
Once we understand / assimilate / absorb the liberal arts 
—> The result being to humanize the heart 

To dream without sleeping is charming
The intoxicating thing with bad taste is —> the pleasure to displease
I would like to know the name of the man who desires to keep his own ashes // nothing belongs to anyone 

Who cares about the eternity of damnation to whoever has found the infinity of pleasure in a second ?
A cold cristal palace punctured by a lighting strike.
—> To annihilate oneself as a way to be again / modern life suddenly finds itself blossoming 
L’histoire d’un oeil // the eye being the protagonist.

A piece in which great instinctive impulses lose and exalt themselves once in contact with a (rib) cage enclosing a heart.
 —> Monumental crisis highlighting new beginnings. 

Principle of perpetual mutation having seized objects as ideas
—> Tending to their total deliverance which involves that of humans. 
In regard to its language + its eye is all at once a dissolvent as well as a germinal plasma without equivalents. 

Words of madness / the eye and its infernal machine
—> It is necessary for it to be damaged in its own dialectic game
The irreparable stigmata of the recurrence of a rhetorical figure that many despise // but plenty incense 

The biggest effects where for the most generated by —> the smallest causes.
Causality = effect / action = reaction
Thorny question —> the rose (spiky beauty / pinch me i must be dreaming)
// External realities systematically presented from their meanest / most aggressive / wounding angles 
—> It has always been easier to see evil + to be negative. 

↑ David Benedikt Wirth, Ghost, 2023, oil on canvas, 70 x 130 cm.
↑ David Benedikt Wirth, The Graces, 2023, oil on canvas, 55 x 95 cm.
↑ Derek Jarman, Untitled (Skeleton), 1990, Oil and mixed media on canvas, 45,72 x 41 cm.
Courtesy Amanda Wilkinson
↑ Patrick Quinn, Potato with Roach Nails, 2023, acrylic on pre-primed linen, 73.66 x 86.36 cm.

Sit down, stay the rest of your life here.
You’re more than welcome too.
—> The pieces are being given a new life rather than remain in the past.
An invention comes with repercussions as a mean to maintain some sort of balance
—> The car came hand in hand with the car crash. 

The units are developing / growing / living thanks to your vision, your eye and technique
—> Bringing them back into a new cycle of life
Cf* the lion king ‘the cycle of life’ —> you and i have some living to do
Always be alert for found images + abandoned poems 
Poesie sonore / sound poetry
—> It’s everywhere. You just have to keep (all of) your eyes open. 

What we are destined for without being concerned
—> You won’t be the one talking // leave
They speak within yourself / by means of oblivion or silence
We remain indefinitely the only one to whom we owe everything
—> Including the loss of ourself. 

A shadow is always affected by the color of the surface on which it is cast. An image in a mirror is affected by the color of the mirror
Shadow is a diminution of light // darkness is the absence of light.
—> A luminous body will appear less brilliant when surrounded by a bright background. 
// The retina is destroyed // or in the process of its decimation
—> Our vision is relative + ambivalent to its surroundings and experiences. 

Having walked behind the sky —> the image is the prison of the soul.
An image being a full experience.
A match struck in the dark shines its light over so much more than the match itself. 

↑ Composition florale et végétale - DEBEAULIEU
© Gregory Copitet
↑ Taylor Marie Prendergast, Made in silence, charcoal and acrylic on 100% archival cotton paper, 22 x 30 cm.
↑ Taylor Marie Prendergast, Mark of wolves, charcoal and acrylic on 100% archival cotton paper, 55.88 x 76 cm.
↑ Taylor Marie Prendergast, Left for slaughter, charcoal and acrylic on 100% archival cotton paper, 55.88 x 76 cm.
↑ Marilou Bal, Girl cooling her cheeks, 2023, oil painting on canvas, 85 x 60 x 4,5 cm.
↑ Marilou Bal, Eternal Spark of the Universe, 2023, oil on canvas, 49 x 43 cm.

Humor derives too closely from a sensation to be a very difficult trait to express.
 —> The visual faculty is in effect taken to its higher power + presenting itself in a state of permanent evolution 
Tending to give out by the sole virtue of the interposed instrument
—> The work (play) / the experience —> resulting in the end state of a constant metamorphosis. 

The human spirit is proposed as eternal / the inexhaustible elective place of all disturbances.
A rose made with novelty has a significantly wider reach.
The main currants of knowledge + of deliberately transgressed existence.
—> By ironic causality. 

Anti masterpiece
Constructed sentences of words submitted too —> coincidence regime / experience.
Canned chance + gestures of presumed emptiness without being officiated.
Life has only one true charm —> le charme du je = jeu (‘je’ being the 1st person of the singular in french. It has the same pronunciation than ‘jeu’ which means game).
—> One should be indifferent to win or lose // as long as one gets to play.

I shall be as serious as —> pleasure // which should be a vocation in its own right.
Desire without images / impossible desire
Folly + desire = conducive to the coherent development of certain errors to which the subject marks a passionate + carnal + obsessive attachment 
—> Concrete vehicule of humor // amour 

X will become spectral throughout its disarticulation / deformation of its anatomy + its work (play)
—> The true body / substantive marrow. 

Open an incurable wound // an insatiable torrent without ever failing to deepen all of its consequences.
The body is the place of all markings, all wounds, all traces, all stories.
—> A body linked to the order of disorder in an intrinsic way. 

The ontological urgency of the caress.
Creation —> is violence
Today’s emergency + the need for everyday life.
Creation is inserted in the present. It can not be subject to nostalgia. 

A window hollowed out in our flesh thus opens into our heart
—> Scar towards the night.
The world’s your oyster, and it’s the rarest pearl of them all // the most precious one.
—> Let’s believe in our image and its final system. 

Move on from the past to head toward the future.

↑ Composition florale et végétale - DEBEAULIEU
© Gregory Copitet
↑ Composition florale et végétale - DEBEAULIEU
© Gregory Copitet
↑ Tom Chatenet, Les Ciseaux (Les caméras), 2023, huile sur toile tendue sur châssis, 162 x 114 cm.
↑ Tom Chatenet, Les ciseaux (cinq couchers de soleil), 2023, huile sur toile / oil on canvas, 195 x 130 cm.
↑ Tom Chatenet, Les Ciseaux (Tire bouchon), 2023, huile sur toile tendue sur châssis, 162 x 114 cm.
↑ Catherine Mulligan, Nocturne 1, Oil on panel with custom frame, 62.23 x 76.2 x 11.43 cm.
↑ William S. Burroughs, 44 Spécial, 1994, Acrylique et impacts de balles sur bois, 48 × 47,5 × 2 cm.
Courtesy Galerie Semiose

Dear friend.
Sing in the morning and remember how happy you are.
Some day we want to be happy, some day we just want to be smacked in the face. 
Do what you gotta do. Stay // go. Hold me // leave me.
I wouldn’t // couldn’t // shouldn’t care.

The dangers of a young person’s life. Potentially going astray.
 —> This is everyone’s personal 8th wonder of the world.
 —> A sleepwalker in love with love itself. 

Try and remain on the right path with your head turned in the opposite direction.
 // The notion of right or wrong being a relative one. 

Greet the day with a smile.
—> It’s all about experiences. For the better and the worst.
Don’t say everything you know about something.
Knowledge is ever-growing + changing and so are we.
A shared secret is simply a secret out in the open. 

We tend to think things will start making sense until we realize we are even more lost than we were before.
It never really comes together does it?
—> Let go // go forward // trust your heart. 

So much we are given. So much we leave behind.
—> Each human mind is alone in their own personal exile.
Dream // do you remember who you wanted to be yesterday? // What’s your story? // Better take notes as that person will be a stranger tomorrow. —> Remain aware while you drift away. 

 Rest on my chest, just above my heart. 
:) Xx 

↑ Tom Chatenet, Les Ciseaux (l’autoroute), 2023, huile sur toile tendue sur châssis, 162 x 114 cm.
↑ Tom Chatenet, Les Ciseaux (Tire-bouchon), 2023, huile sur toile tendue sur châssis, 195 x 130 cm.
↑ © Gregory Copitet


Paul Hameline

After attending an international school, he moved to Switzerland to study Arts for a year and came back to Paris to start his modeling career while getting involved with other projects including the publication of Rave New World, as well as acting and DJing.
In 2019 he graduated from Central Saint Martins in Fine Arts whilst continuing his career and personal projects.
Since, he has pursued various opportunities in art direction, styling and consultancy whilst continuing to work on his longstanding occupations. His monthly cultural outings diary for the English Arts publication Plaster premiered in October.